In 2013 Dong Energy (now Ørsted) was selected by TVIS to supply green district heating for the consumers in Fredericia, Kolding and Vejle. The selected project consists of 2 wood chips fired steam boilers (2 x 160 MJ/s, 80 bar(a), 542°C) supplying steam either directly for district heating (bypass heat exchanger) or for CHP-operation using the existing steam turbine at SKV3 (utility class turbine connected to existing SKV 3 gas fired Benson-boiler).

KEM has been providing engineering services to Dong Energy / Ørsted related to the initial boiler technical concepts (including client own designed boiler solution) as well as technical specifications, contracting, execution and commissioning of the biomass boilers. The plant was inaugurated in 2017 and has now entered commercial operation.